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is a series with no main character. It's a comic situation, sometimes funny or even a bit violent, but never over the edge. That's why the numbering starts at 101. Yan Gevuld says: 'everybody has thoughts that he keeps to himself, because he finds them to cruel or abusive. Symbolically, an artist has at least 100 ideas that don't pass his self-censorship'.


Zero, the almost hero


Alfred is a middleclass-man who wants to be a hero. He even has an apprentice, who's more stupid than he is. His yell is 'to the rescue !'

52 episodes.


Dad's life


Now, his children (a teenage daughter and son) are growing up, this father is prepared to step aside. He encourages his wife to restart her business career.

132 episodes.



Professor Lombrosi seeks personal for his expedition in Africa.

32 episodes.




Dig-It's is about the characters in computergames. They are existing persons who act in games. There life beside the games is like any normal life.

14 episodes.


Whodunit: The Chinese Owl


Is a story of a private eye and his wife. The atmosphere resembles the one that was typical in 'film noir'-movies.

14 episodes.


Paintings: 'Blow up' Collection


You can view the 'Blow Up'-collection in the Gallery.



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